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Lisa’s GroovX Fitness workouts deliver a variety of fitness styles to keep you engaged whatever your age and ability.

GroovX Box

GroovX Box combines boxing moves with dance to give you a dynamic and effective workout that is enjoyable and fun. Release your tension and take your stress away with punching, kicking and moving all to a steady beat. 

GroovX Dance

GroovX Dance mixes aerobics with dance to create a fun and dynamic workout that can be used to improve cardiovascular health and increase strength and endurance. 

GroovX Gold is designed for the active older adult or anyone who would like a gentler pace workout. Using low intensity moves to popular music from different genres and eras GroovX gold will get you moving and grooving! 

GroovX Stix

GroovX Stix is the ultimate way to hit and smash your way to a better you. Using drumsticks to bash out rhythms and beats with explosive dance moves.

GroovX Latin

GroovX Latin is a latin inspired dance fitness class will have you moving to upbeat rhythms and dancing your cares away.  This class is suitable for all abilities (low and high impact options are given). 

GroovX Sculpt

GroovX Sculpt is a full-body workout using light weights to create resistance while performing movements to help strengthen and tone.

GroovX Flow

GroovX Flow is a slow, movement-based workout that incorporates contemporary functional movements focusing on mobility, strength and balance.  Set to relaxing music, this low-intensity workout will get you in the flow!

GroovX Blast

GroovX Blast has a range of different blast classes aimed at all levels including high intensity and low intensity versions of each exercise. 

Join Lisa’s community of online members. Lisa’s workouts are fun, effective and a great way to stay active.