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Updated 01/12/2021


My name is Lisa Hillier and I am a Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor, Level 2 Children’s Fitness Instructor, Level 3 in Designing Exercise for Older Adults, and Level 3 in Education and Training. I also have a professional Diploma in Dance.

I have over 10 years of experience teaching exercise classes within the community, and I love my job with a passion!

If you would like to improve your fitness level, if you would like to improve your health, if you would like to meet like-minded people, then come along to one of my classes. You will be greeted with a warm friendly smile and made to feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door.

My classes are suitable for all abilities from 16 years and upwards and there are a variety of classes to choose from!

If you’d like to be a part of something special then please come and join us!

I believe in making FITNESS FUN!

Booking and Paying For Your Class

I am currently running all of my classes with social distancing measures in place, so this means there are capacity limits on all of my classes. For this reason, I require you to book your class space in advance each time you attend. There are two options to book your space so please read below.

I am using Gymcatch which is a booking system used by thousands of fitness instructors. It is simple and easy to use.

I have filmed a walk-through video on how to book and pay for your class. This can be found below my class timetable at the bottom of this page or simply click here:


For quick and easy access……

Click here to access my Gymcatch booking system:

If you own a smartphone click here to access the Gymcatch App:

You can book and pay for a class individually or you have the option to purchase a 5-class bundle and then use these credits to book your classes. (NB. If you are purchasing a 5-class bundle you will still need to then select each class you would like to book. When it comes to the payment options click pay with ‘package’)

When you book your first class I will send you a welcome email. If you do not receive this email within 2 working days please check your junk folder, sometimes your account will filter unknown emails.

The email will contain your class details and a link to complete my PAR-Q health form. I need your personal details and medical history before you can attend your first class with me. (NB. You will only need to complete the PAR-Q form, fitness waiver, and Gymcatch registration details the first time you book a class).

Unable To Use Gymcatch?

I do not wish to discriminate against anyone, so if you are unable to use the booking system then could you please firstly email me at or click the contact button at the top of my website and let me know. I can then communicate with you in regards to completing a PAR-Q form, and organising your class bookings.

I will be asking for the exact money of £7 to be brought in a named envelope each week.

There is a limit on spaces per class, so I will need you to contact me in advance and let me know you are coming to class each week. I can then reserve your class space.

Gymcatch Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made via Gymcatch 24-hours or less before the start time of the class will NOT be refunded.

Cancellations made via Gymcatch sooner than 24-hours before the start time will be processed with a ‘class credit’ onto the named account.

In order to receive a class credit, you MUST CANCEL your class booking through Gymcatch. Simply select the class you booked via the calendar, and click the cancel button. You will then receive a ‘class credit’ onto your account which you can use when you next book a class.

NB. I am unable to refund you a class credit unless you click the cancel button, sorry.

Arriving For Your Class.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time of your class. Wear light, comfortable clothing that you can exercise in, and bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.  

Due to the new Covid variant face masks are mandatory when entering, exiting, and moving around the building/hall. You can remove your face mask to exercise. If you are exempt from wearing a face mask could you please wear your lanyard and keep it on display until you reach your space to exercise. You can then remove your lanyard.

Upon entering the hall you will find coloured disc markers located on the floor. These are spaced 2 meters apart for your safety. Please find a floor marker, place your water bottle and personal belongings onto the floor marker and stand a few paces behind it ready to start the class. This will be your exercise space for the duration of the class. NB. Coats and bags can be placed on the shelves or tables at the sides of the room.

Biggleswade – Weatherley Centre. The main entrance to the building is now off-limits. Please enter through the fire exit door to the main hall. This is situated in the car park area. If you arrive early and need to use the toilet facilities, please tap on the fire exit door and I will let you in. Please DO NOT enter the main entrance of the building.

Sandy & Gamlingay. Please enter via the main entrance of the building.

Instructor Safety Precautions

I have received both doses of the COVID vaccination and the Booster vaccination. I am also completing a Lateral Flow test every Sunday and Wednesday so you can rest assured that your instructor is keeping you as safe as possible.

On-Demand Fitness Platform 

My On-Demand fitness platform is £14 per month. The 8 GroovX formats are available along with Fitness Pilates and Seated Fitness Pilates and fresh new content will be released on the 12th of every month to the GroovX formats.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or via my Facebook Page ‘Lisa Hillier Fitness’.

I can’t wait to see you in class!


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